Shekel joins Ventus eSports

Ventus TF2 Roster:    

  • Kung Fu
  • Fair
  • Andy
  • Space
  • White Wolf
  • Takbok
  • Alecto

Ventus eSports one the best Multi Gaming Organisations in the country have picked Team Shekel to represent them on the TF2 scene as part of their main goals is to keep expanding to another competitive games with great potential and support the growth of competitive gaming in SA. Thanks to the work of the TF2 community in the last months the game has been recognized once again to be looked as a great competitive title in SA and fully deserved to be considered by the local gaming communities and events organisers.

The new year is finally in full force with University classes starting today. Along with all the other things, the new year brings new games and thus new divisions. By the end of last year we drastically cut down on divisions to make room for new games. We dropped 6 of our 10 games namely Warcraft 3, Defense of the Ancients, Guitar Hero, FIFA, Overclocking and Quake Live.

This is not all bad as it has been replaced with newer shinier games. Today we bring aboard two new teams who we have been keeping an eye on for the last few weeks. Both these teams are currently at the top of their game and haven’t lost a match yet in the leagues that they competing in currently (TF2 &  Black Ops).”

Read more of the article on the following link:   Ventus eSports expands

Great stuff guys keep it up!

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11 years ago


11 years ago

massive congrats to you ous

11 years ago

SWEET. i always knew Kung Fu would grow up to be almost as good as me! GL HF

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