Paper Fortress 2

Good day to everyone!

As I am sure most of you know, the Team Fortress 2 community are a resourceful and creative bunch. From Maps to Figurines, we have it all.

I tend to do a lot of browsing though thousands and thousands of TF2 related contents and images on a daily basis and have stumbled upon some amazing things. I have decided that I shall now start sharing some of these things with you! The South African TF2 Community.

Todays feature is probably something thats going to get you fired because it’s keeping you out of work or in trouble with your teachers because you’re playing out last nights match on your school desk.

trogdoriangrey is the mastermind behind these wonderful little paper figures and he/she has put many hours into making them.There is unfortunately no BLU soldier which made me sad at first but then i realised I can just edit a RED one myself. I will upload it and link it for all of you who want BLU rather.

Follow the link and build away 🙂

For BLU team

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12 years ago

I would buy that collection 😛

12 years ago

What a LOL, they look cool! Someone has too much time on theirhands :p

KunG Fu
12 years ago

“I would buy that collection”

“why not make them? thats the point”
/but i guess im going to have to settle for this option…
*Looking for instruction manual* 😉

12 years ago

a puppet tf2 character would be cooler though.

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