Match Day 7 – Preview

The final day of this group stage will come to an end this Wednesday and it will be basically a warm up for the semi-finals as the top 4 will be battling out to really show who is on better form to win this tournament. The semi-finals will be on Sunday 2nd of May with (1st vs 4th and 2nd vs 3rd) then the final match on Sunday 9th of May.

This match between Nc vs eNg will be very interesting to see if eNg will be able to make it up to lift their game and show Nc and the rest of the teams that they can still win this competition after losing by forfeit the match against wildgirls then losing a map and getting a draw on the 2nd map against Eq or are we going to see some solid performance from Nc and end any hopes from eNg to sneak the tittle?…

Well Eq vs wildgirls will be another tricky match as Eq lost quite easily to Nc but wildgirls managed to beat Nc so will this mean that wildgirls will most likely cruise over Eq? or are the Equilibrium boys gonna upset the tough wildgirls?…

Anyways this Wednesday will just be a teasing from the top 4 to be ready for the semi-finals on Sunday and then we will be looking forward to see which teams will make it to the final and find out who will be taking the TF2coza 6v6 v1 tittle.

On the other matches unfortunately the promising StyX seems like they will not be able to play again after some problems with their team roster and most probably CyB will get a forfeit win but an interesting match will be Fury vs Av as they will proving themselves who has the most improved team.

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