Interview with Razerfox


Nick Name: Razerfox

Full Name: Christian Da Silva

Age: 24

Location: Potchefstroom

Class: Scout/Sniper

Clan: Equilibrium TF2


Single Player game: Uhmm TF2 takes all my gaming time so… skip this!

Online Game: Team Fortress 2

Music Artist: David Guetta

Song: In the end “Linkin Park”

TV Series: 24

Movie: I like the Fast & Furious series but also any movie with “Megan Fox” even if I don’t watch it or the movie is really bad… I don’t care Foxie Babe is there 😛

TF2 Related

Favorite Class : Eish between Scout and Sniper………Scout!

Why: Well with the scouts when played properly are so important to help the team because of their multitask job. They help calling the game, covering flanks, the ability to cap points faster, taking down the medic or demo at mid point can be decisive in a match so there are many factors, and with that combination of speed and “Meatshots” they can really turn a game around.

Your favorite player: _enemy!  He is talented and very smart with his gameplay, probably the best reading the game in SA at the moment, is just a bad attitude now and then with a bit of rage but still ok. Though we learn some gameplays from North American and European players, I still support local talent and I believe the skill levels are good enough match those overseas players.

Most kills in one round: Uhmm 29 headshots when dustbowl was still cool.

Best moment in TF2 :  Well the best moment in TF2 must be the time that I played my first pickup because since then I learned a lot and improved skills as well.


Rate: 35000

Cmdrate: 40

Updaterate: 40

Interp: 0.05

Frag videos: None

A bit about yourself

Well for those who don’t know I’m not South African, so if you were wondering what kind of accent I have is because I was born in Venezuela and lived there until I was 19, so I speak Spanish and my parents are from Portugal so I also speak Portuguese. After I left my hometown I went to work in Portugal for a year because I decided not to go to University so my parents sent me there. Then after a year working there I had an offer by a cousin to go to South Africa to work for him (I knew that SA was not just a zoo because I have lots of family here ok but most people in South America only see the lions on TV) So well I’ve been working here for 4 years so far, learning English on the fly as I only knew “hello” “one-two-three” and basic stuff. And as creator and one of the editors of this website you’ll see that in some of my articles I might not use the appropriate words because of my basic knowledge of English but I’ll try my best and with the help of Xt3rminator,  Bobalas, Kaboos and White Wolf we’ll make sure of the quality of the content.

About gaming background nothing more than a nOOb playing CS on the cyber-cafe around the corner on weekends from 2002 to 2003 since then no gaming at all (too much work to do) until November 2007 I started to play TF2 and at the beginning it was a bit confusing but well after a while I started to enjoy the game and then became a pro engi at 2fort intelroom. Then well normal stuff playing on pubs then getting started with pickups, clannies and so on.

Gaming Gear

  • CPU: Intel Core2 Duo E8400
  • Motherboard: MSI P45 Neo-F
  • Graphics Card: ATI XFX4890
  • Monitor: Benq 19″ Wide
  • Mouse and DPI + In-game sensitivity: Logitech G9 1000DPI 1.0 in-game sens
  • Keyboard: Microsoft Reclusa

Advice for new players

For the new guys a simple tip “Learn how to play your main class properly” if you want to succeed in TF2, because killing 5 guys with a crit on pubs doesn’t mean that you have skills is just random luck. On this website you will find most of the information that you may need to improve your game and how to implement it on a team. Once you have acquired that knowledge you can start to play pickups for some good practice and to get experience on how to read and predict a game on different situations.

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12 years ago

“hello” “one-two-three” ….Thats why you always say that On TS.Lol

12 years ago

Nice one Razer! Same as you, TF2 was/is my first online game 😀

12 years ago


12 years ago

Tan todas esas veces critted a los equipos enteros como pyro werent yo que jugaba bien 🙁 Ahora estoy viniendo para usted!

12 years ago

I blame the babel fish!

12 years ago

wp spoken razerfox… hope to see more of these on the site!

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