16Bit TF Website Launched

16Bit TF is launching their very own website from which to run their competitions. After eight months of successful competitions we are glad to invest even more in the South African TF2 community. Kicking off the launch of this website, we have conducted an interview with KritzKast’s John “Agro” Irwin.

Future plans for the website are to incorporate a ladder system including the Frags & Affection competition. As well as building on hosting more 6v6 tournaments. Even though we are aware of the challenge this will be, it surely is still on the table for 2012.

Registration is not needed for the website and interacting is quick and easy. We would like to invite every one to come have a look at 16bittf.co.za. All suggestions, queries and comments can be emailed to webmaster@16bittf.co.za or give us a shout on the FaceBook page, Steam Group or Twitter.

Head over to our website and check out our interview: “Something big this way comes.” Meet John ‘Agro’ Irwin. Irwin discusses the prospects of hosting a KritzKast Lo-Fi Offclass Cup (KLOC)

We are looking foward to another prosperous year in South African Fortress and hope to see many old and new players participate in our competitions.

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10 years ago

Well done on site Lolita

We need feedback from the community if we are to host this comp, so pls let us know how u feel abt it by commenting on 16bittf site asap.

10 years ago

Good luck!

10 years ago

Good luck guys. I hope the community supports you and we get to play in your future comps 😛

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