Winter Highlander 2020


For this tournament we will be following the ruleset which can be found here: Please ignore rules 1.1 through to 1.4, those are season specific for ETF2L Highlander Season 21. We will be following rules 2.1 through to the end of their ruleset. With regards to the “merc clause” if you have a full team but two members cannot make it online for a particular game you are allowed two substitutes, which may be a part of another team, which your opponent needs to agree on. These two substitutes cannot play the subsequent game with you. Along with following ETF2L’s rule set we will also be using their item whitelist which can be viewed visually here: For future tournaments we may develop our own ruleset and whitelist to fit our specific needs. In addition to the above, we ask that players please refrain from displaying toxic behaviour towards their opponents and team mates alike. We reserve the right to evict a player and potentially whole teams from the tournament should they display such distasteful behaviour.