Winter Highlander 2020

Winter Highlander Map Pool


  • Landfall
  • Turbine
  • Well


  • Badlands
  • Granary
  • Gullywash
  • Process
  • Snakewater


  • Dustbowl
  • Gorge
  • Garvelpit
  • Mountain Lab
  • Steel


  • Badwater
  • Borneo
  • Frontier
  • Upward
  • Swiftwater


  • Harvest
  • Lakeside
  • Viaduct

Winter Highlander Map Veto Process will be as follows:
Once teams have been finalised on 24th July 2020 @ 10 PM the brackets will be randomly seeded, the veto process is as follows in the below example
Team A will has been scheduled to play against Team B in the first game of the tournament
The two captains will pick heavy and melee battle, the winner gets to veto a game mode first followed by the other team until one mode is left, after the game mode veto a similar process will decide the map in the specific game mode.
in this example below Team A won the melee battle
Team A: veto koth
Team B: veto pl
Team A: veto cp a/d
Team B: veto cp
The last mode is CTF
Map List in order of Veto
1) CTF
2) CP
3) CP A/D
4) PL
5) KoTH
Game 1 will be CTF, Game 2 will be CP, and so on… (if needs be)
Team A won the Veto and selected the first Map Veto, Team A will also Veto the first Map, the last map left is the map that will be played as decided by Team B
CTF Veto
Team A: veto Landfall
Team B: veto Well
CTF: Turbine will be the first map to be played
The veto process will then continue to the second map pick
CP Veto
Team A: badlands
Team B: granary
Team A: gullywash
Team B: process
CP: snakewater will be the second map to be played
CP A/D Veto
Team A: dustbowl
Team B: gorge
Team A: gravel pit
Team B: mountain lab
CP A/D: steel will be the third map to be played as the decider
Team A wins the first map CTF Turbine, Team B wins the second map CP and Team A wins the third map CP A/D. Team A will move on to play against Team C. Team B moves to the lower bracket and will play against team D

If you would like this to be explained in more detail please ask one of the tournament admins for assistance

For payload and CP A/D, the team that wins the mid battle gets to choose if they would like to attack or defend first