SA Tf2 Mentors

The Mentor Program:

TF2 mentors is a relatively new initiative in South Africa which is aimed at the more experienced and knowledgeable players helping and giving advice to inexperienced players or new players to the world of competitive TF2.

As things go, we took a read at how it works and joined all the necessary groups and forums to gather as much info on things as possible. Through all the tiring work and research we are proud to present to you, The South African Team Fortress 2 Mentor Program:

Below you’ll find a description on how things work and what you can do to become a mentor/mentee.
As always, comments are welcomed and any suggestions are more than appreciated.

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IRC: #tf2mentors



The TF2 Mentor Program is a program set up to help bridge the skill gap for players new to competitive TF2. One of the main problems with getting into competitive play is how different it is compared to public play, so the mentor program has been set up to help ease the transition. The community should not be divided between seasoned players and newer ones, so the program is made to help the community grow, thrive, and live within a positive atmosphere – rather than look down on players new to the community.

The Goals:
• To improve the skill level of newer players, helping them, whether it be about strategy, aim, positioning, getting to know their class, a map, or just being comfortable with their play style and with their team.
• To keep new players interested and active within the competitive TF2 community, through positive encouragement.
• Allow higher level players to reveal knowledge that would otherwise be hidden to newcomers
• To inspire a positive TF2 community, setting an example so that others will be inclined to help as well.

Mentoring is offered by players who have experience in competitive play and are willing to help out newer players. This is available both for individuals and groups/clans.

How it works:

The Mentor program works both out of the forums and through various chat programs.

If a new player wants to be mentored, they can apply on these forums, in the Mentor/Mentee Applications subforum.

Once a mentee has applied, a mentor of the appropriate class will be assigned and contact details will be shared between the players. Here you will have to supply your in game nickname, the class you would like to be mentored in (you may choose more than one), as well as the times and days you will be available on. We will assign you a mentor that will help you with your chosen class/classes.

This is usually done through the private message system here at the forums, but if we see you on IRC or on steam friends we’ll try to let you know about it.

If you just need a quick question answered, or want someone to show your team / yourself something, you can look in the IRC channel (#tf2mentors) or in the steam group chat (

What a mentor can do for you:

A mentor will be able to help increase your skill level. This means giving you tips and point out things to improve in your game play, as well as answering questions you may have. This could be anything from learning how to aim effectively, weapon choice, positioning, communication, movement, teamwork, and answer other questions you may have.

If you are doing a group “lesson,” the mentor can point out your teams strengths and weaknesses, explain how to position yourselves, explain terminology (ie names of locations), explain when to push and hold, and answer questions you or your team may have.

What you can do to help:

If it seems like you would be a good candidate to be a mentor, you can apply to become one in the Mentor/Mentee Applications subforum. We already have a few players who are willing to mentor and we would like to build up our numbers to a point where we can have a mentee experience the points of view of several experienced players in that class.

*Above taken from and adapted for the South African TF2 Community

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12 years ago

Seems like a pretty decent idea, hope it works out!

12 years ago

Soz guys I’ll try to squeeze some time for it

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