Replay focus: The Experiment vs Area 51 cp_granary

Last night, The Experiment and Area 51 played against each other in their scheduled ESEA-Invite regular season match on cp_granary, and what a game it was! Both these teams feature some of the top TF2 players currently in North America. As with all ESEA matches, the game was recorded on Source TV, and is now available for anyone to download and watch. Source TV demos (demo is the term used for replays in TF2) allow you to re-watch the match from any player’s perspective.


Watching replays of top overseas teams will provide you a wealth of information about how to play TF2 competitively, and they are also highly entertaining to watch. In order to download this particular match, you can visit the download page  over at The replay size only weighs in at 18MB, so it is quite small. In order to watch the replay, extract the .dem file to your TF directory, which is located at C:\Steam\steamapps\email@email\team fortress 2\tf (this is obviously specific to your particular installation path). After extracting the .dem file to the correct directory, launch TF2, and when you are on the main menu, press shift+f2 to access the Replay user interface. Select the particular demo from the list, and hit the play button. The replay will then load and you can watch the game!


Here is a list of good players that you can watch in this game in order to learn how to be a good TF2 player:


Demoman – ex.Dummy

Scout: ex.Justin or ex.reptile

Pocket soldier: ex.TLR

Roaming soldier: ex.ww

Medic: ex.Pyooour


Pay special attention to positioning of the players throughout the various stages of the match. Learn the patterns that they use with regards to their movement routes at key times, such as the mid point rollout at the start of every round, where they stand when they are defending, and how they react to their opponent’s play. This is especially important for Scouts and Demos. If you can memorize and implement these two aspects of play into your own, you will soon become a much better player.


If you need any help with getting the replay to work, come join in on IRC in #tf2 on and ask for assistance.

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11 years ago

Shouldn’t you just say the line-up for both teams, instead of saying that one team is just so great you should watch those players. Both teams are skilled or else they shouldn’t be playing each other.

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