TF2CSA Team Rankings It’s Up!

The ranking system has been created to award those teams that take part on the TF2CSA competitions and be able to accumulate points in the long term. For now the top 4 teams will be rewarded with the most points as we do not have many active teams yet. Also with the idea that these rankings might help to keep teams together or try to get a more responsible behaviour from the teams and their captains to commit and play competitively.

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Rankings Point System

TF2CSA 6v6 Series

1st                            600pts
2nd                         400pts
3rd                          250pts
4th                           150pts
Participation       50pts

TF2CSA Cup Series

1st                            400pts
2nd                         250pts
3rd                           150pts
4th                           100pts
Participation       50pts

NB: In the case of another type of TF2 competitions like an IS or DoGaming League the 6v6 series point system will be used for the ranking.

Rankings Information and Rules

  • The rankings will be updated after each competition.
  • These ranking are ongoing for the long term and we will not reset it.
  • These rankings might be modified if there is competitions with more than 1 division of teams.
  • Teams dropping during a competition will not receive participation points.
  • Teams can be renamed as long as 3 or more players (including captain) are still in the team or if the captain is leaving he/she must agree that the team will be renamed and as long as 3 or more players remain on that team.
  • If a team disbands it will be deleted from the rankings unless the captain of the team states that they are just going to be inactive for a while. (we will confirm with the captain of a team before deleting a team from the rankings)

If there are any doubts or you need more information about these rankings please contact Razerfox or Xt3rminator. Any other suggestions are welcome as well.

You can find these Rankings on the following page:

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12 years ago

Awesome stuff!!
So is i(WildGirls) a clan now? Super amped to overthrow em >:D

12 years ago

We’ve always been a clan… We had kaboos as utility and then 2 of our players internet dropped so we had to get Andy to sub.

12 years ago

Nice Stuff Razerfox and Yup WG have always been a clan, even before the V1 started.

12 years ago

fury ahahha! thanks razer

12 years ago

SO it’s only possible to increase/decrease your position by playing in competitions? Stand alone games don’t carry any significance in terms of rank points?

12 years ago

Would be cool if the log was displayed on the front page of the site.

12 years ago

Making random games count toward the table could be quite tricky in a community like this. You would need strict rules. However, in ETF2L there is a serperate ladder where teams challenge eachother on the website and all the ETF2L rules apply to those matches.
The difference is that it is a seperate table from the regular season, that could work for you guys.

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