TF2CSA 6v6 v2 12 Teams Signed Up

Well after some doubts on the TF2 competitive community of South Africa about getting 12 teams for 6v6 v2 and be able to secure the prizes for the winning teams we can be glad because we managed to get those 12 teams and almost we could have 14 teams but at the final moments just some players could not sort the rest of their lineups on time.

Teams registered for this tournament:

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The fixtures for this competition will be sorted using a High and Low seeds system dividing the 12 teams by half 6/6 where High Seeds team will have the priority to play the matches between them on Sundays only and the matches against Low Seeds will be on Wednesdays. The High Seeds are based on the current TF2CSA Rankings standings though the team SLEEP is a new entry their roster has a very experienced group of players from the best teams in the past ( Brazen / Swift ) that can get in shape for top level gameplay very quick.

High seeds:

1. Team “i”
2. eNigma
3. Operator
4. Equilibrium
5. Narcotics

Low Seeds:

7. iNfamous
8. Fury

9. Cyberjunkies
10. Atomic
11. Toxic
12. Dronk Gatte

Fixtures: ( Complete Schedule of Fixtures )

Wednesday 16th June Kick Off  ** Week 1 Match Day 1 Wednesday**

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** Week 1 Match Day 2 Sunday**

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**IS, SGS & WAGE  Match / Clan Servers can be used**

**All the captains will receive an email shortly with this information and more details. ( Please Captains check your emails daily )

The group stage will take place from Wednesday 16th of June until the Wednesday 21 of July

Semi finals Sunday 25th of July

3rd Place Match Wednesday 28th of July

Final Sunday 1st of August

Tournament Admin Message ( Razerfox ) :

Hey guys it’s time to have some real fun we just need to co-operate, play fair, have a good sportsman’s attitude with the rest of the teams and respect your opponents regardless of their skill levels because is very important to keep trying to build a solid competitive community as at the end we all are TF2 players.

Also I would appreciate the High Seed teams if it’s possible to co-operate with some of the Low Seeds teams on giving them some kind of support and advice on how to improve their gameplay. Like example after the games where High Seeds will be playing Low Seeds I would be nice if we could give tips to the Low Seeds players like where they do mistakes, where they should focus on their gameplay and help them to get into pickups for those that have not tried yet.

Only helping each other we can get somewhere and if we really want that our Mid/Low teams become more reliable we need to support them and give them some motivation to keep going though sometimes might feel like a waste but is actually a filtering process where the players that will decide to push forward will succeed improving and the lazy boys will keep lagging behind.

For the people that likes to “Troll” either on servers or on IRC #tf2  trolling other less experienced players is something that we should avoid at all costs, it doesn’t mater how Pro you think you are if your behavior can only PWN the growth of the competitive community so please if you really care about TF2 and would like to keep having fun “PWING Noobs” as you would say then just keep it in-game there is no need for abusive comments.

Thanks to all the teams that registered!

And a special thanks to our sponsors for this competition for giving us their trust.

LandMark Computers & Vanilla ISP

Are we ready to roll guys???

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12 years ago

Perfect Razer! I agree with what you are saying. If you can loose your match and still have a will to carry on, to get better, then you can get very far. I look forward to the tournament, its going to be fun!

Good luck to everyone!

12 years ago

W00t, it’s finally starting, mwahahaha!
, that’s what fury has been doing. 🙂 Going well so far.

Anyway, good luck everyone and enjoy!
Remember, it’s only a game!

12 years ago

haha holy shit I just typed the best article comment ever haha and now its gone haha but i just wanted to comment:

Wow guys what a line up…congrats on the 12 teams!!! Im really proud to hear that our TFCSA is growing so much and just getting better and better. 😀 I really want to encourgage all the teams to motivate eachother and build on eachother so that we keep this going and make it so much bigger and better….haha I’m sortof relieved with the high and low seed divisions cause it kinda makes the game fair and much more fun in a way….like u have this achievement and goal to work for when you are lower seed and when you are higher seed you need to work hard to stay up top….like that 😀

I want to strongly motivate all the players to just keep on playin…if you feel steam rolled…remember what doesnt kill you only makes you stronger 😀

Good luck everyone!

12 years ago

11% were wrooooong! noobs

12 years ago

Well technically:

“Do you think that the TF2CSA 6v6 v2 Competition can get **more than** 12 teams?”

We only got exactly 12 teams, so those 11% were right.

12 years ago

I really don’t understand this seed thing 😛
Could some 1 explain?

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