ETF2L Final Epsilon vs Blight

The ETF2L Season 8 final will be taking place tomorrow at 10:10pm (SA Time) and Epsilon vs Blight undoubtedly will be a very tight match with Bligth having a very strong performance  towards the end of the season ending on 4th place and beating Power Gaming (2-1) on the playoffs to reach the finals. Epsilon who finished top of the standings on the season faced Dignitas on the playoffs and on a very close match they managed to keep the edge on Dignitas (2-0) to get to the finals. The match for 3rd place has already been played with Power Gaming taking the bronze beating Dignitas (2-0).

Don’t miss the finals!! tomorrow Monday at 10:10 pm SA Time.

Maps: cp_badlands  |  cp_obscure  |  cp_gullywash

Time: 22:10pm (Better be ready before 10pm as this will definitely going get hectic)


Shoutcast: ETF2L Radio

STV IP: To be added shortly (Because of security concerns they usually post the IP few hours/minutes before the match)

Who is your favorite to take the win?

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11 years ago

I reckon Epsilon will take it.
They are very good.
Especially their demo Extremer and their medic F2.

11 years ago

Amped to watch… maybe get a SA mumble group going to listen to the shoutcast?

KunG Fu
11 years ago

Nice, won’t miss this game. I think Epsilon will take this, but im sure this will be a close game.

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