TF2CSA Highlander Competition

Highlander - There can be only one
We would like to announce that we will be running a Highlander 9vs9 competition for the Month of October and the registrations are open until next week Friday 8th October.

For those who don’t know what means “Highlander” it’s a gamemode where there can only be one (of each class ) so will be 9vs9 where Red and Blue teams will have one scout, one soldier, one pyro, one demoman, one heavy, one engineer, one medic, one sniper and one spy. You could say this type of gameplay is the the gap between pub gameplay and the standard 6vs6 competitive style.

If you really would like to have fun in a more organized way where you can show the better of your teamwork, tactics and skills while playing your favorite class then you should consider registering for this Highlander competition.

For more information and how to register please check the link below:


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  1. Here’s an idea. Hat prizes.

  2. I’ll put my Tough Guy’s Toque up for grabs!!

  3. This sounds interesting…. : ) will redirect to this post lets try and use it on pubs.

  4. I can’t wait :D!!! highlanders are always great fun!!! 😀

  5. Maybe hats for the next 6vs6 comp? My team will put up 10 hats for prizes.

  6. Win the Hats V1

  7. No man, for real.

  8. LoL. I know . hahaha.

    Im sure everyone will be Keen on something like that.

  9. sounds shweet

  10. Yay, bring it on 😀

  11. YEAH, AMPED!

  12. Sign me up :>

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