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Highlander - There can be only one

The Highlander Competition it’s almost sorted for the grand final as Enemy’s Team that were unbeaten in the group stage of the competition are waiting for the other finalist to meet on Sunday 7th November. A crucial match between Xolox’s Team vs Heckers’s Team still to take place and definitely the winner will be taking on Enemy’s Team at the finals.

As we are not using points or round difference to decide on the positions on the log we using the direct results between the teams so even if the 3 teams end with 2 wins and 2 loss we will rank them accordingly unless one of those tricky situations where a quick 1 map re-match will be required to take the last spot on the finals. So Xolox’s Team beat Xt3rM!n@tor‘s and Xt3rM!n@tor‘s beat Heckers’s so if the match between Heckers’s vs Xolox’s sees Xolox winning they will be on the finals as they will have the edge vs Xt3rm!n@tor’s and Heckers’s but if Heckers’s Team snaps the win then things would have  a twist to have some re-match but Xt3rm!n@tor’s Team will not be able to play in this case because of unavailability of players so we will be going down the wire between Xolox’s and Heckers’s to get a spot in the finals.

The finals will be played on Best of 3 Maps  ( Badwater – Upward – Gravelpit ) with Gravelpit as the 3rd Map in case if decider is needed and it will be played on Best of 3 rounds as well. Enemy’s Team will be deciding which map to play first between the 2 maps ( Badwater – Upward ) and also will be playing on Red first for that map, then on the 2nd Map the other team will be playing on Red first. For Gravelpit to decide which team will be playing Red first a fight in C point as Heavy using Fists (no glove ) winner plays as Red first.

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  1. nothing else happening with this i assume?

  2. Guess not much

  3. Heckers’s team supposed to play Xolox’s team to play Enemy’s at the final wondering if it will happen…

  4. Not sure its gonna happen. I am happy to forfeit as i have had major problems with my team being online and actually showing up after they said they would be there.

  5. Yeah I know what that’s like from the first draft league :<

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