Highlander Latest Results

Highlander - There can be only one

Check out the latest results on the Highlander competition so far:

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  1. XoloX’s vs enemy’s |0 – 1| enemy’s wins

  2. XoloX’s vs Joint’s Gravelpit 0-2 Joint’s Wins

  3. X vs Heckers |Gravelpit| 2-1 – X Wins

  4. I’d like to request that the Xolox’s team vs mine on gravelpit game be forfeited in Xolox’s team’s favour due to the fact that we definitely had some hack in play during that game.

    It’s extremely likely the same could be said for all our games played up until this point, but I can’t know for sure.

  5. Us vs joint’s team – we win

  6. X vs _enemy – Re-Scheduled to Mid November, Please let us know if this is fine Razer as Exams are in progress.

  7. Well Joint either way all our Highlander games will be default as we basically are disqualified.

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