16Bit TF “Frags & Affection” Ultiduo Finals

South Africa kicked off their very first Ultiduo this weekend in the spirit of man love and Valentines Day. Seeing a great interest from the community the Elimination round, Prelims and Semi Finals heated up this Saturday to an exciting conclusion as to who will proceed to the finals. 

Team OH NO! and Team Synergy will face off at 7pm CAT (GMT +2) this Sunday in the finals, being shoutcasted by none other than Lazar “Comedian” Jovic  from VanillaTF2, John “Agro” Irwin from KritzKast and 16Bit TF’s Yolanda “Lolita” Green.

Mumble Details: mumble.vanillatv.org: 64738
SourceTV: (via console)

Some info on the players.

Team OH NO!
Tristan “Alien” Green is a youngster who has been playing competitive TF2 for years. He is known for his annoying text spams and lucky mid airs. Bradley “Silencer” Robinson has been part of the TF2 SA comp scene on an irregular basis. His mild manner makes him a solid medic. These two are definitely the favourites to win.

Team Synergy
Can the underdogs Jaco “Wasabi” Swanepoel and Andrew “PaciF1ST” Bevis kick up a storm and take the victory? Both these players have shown that they are not to be underestimated. Wasabi is the new kid on the block who might just upstage the more experienced Alien. PaciF1ST has been honing his medic skills by medicing the legendary drunken pocket solly FISH for the whole of 2011.

South African Fortress would like to invite every one to come and find out as well as listen in for some guaranteed laughs!


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  1. good stuff!

    1. OZ love <3

    2. Oz love agreed!

  2. Wasabi and Pacifist are formidable opponents and should not be underestimated. I predict there will be a lot of aggression between the soldiers in this match. Popcorn is on standby…

  3. “Tristan “Alien” Green is a youngster who has been playing competitive TF2 for years. He is known for his annoying text spams”
    Alien and his text spams. 😀
    Go team OH NO!

    1. mebbe he does it to distract? w/e it works, he is a great solly and a formidable opponent. My heart is with the underdogs though 😉

  4. I’m looking forward to playing against my two friends, Andrew and Jaco.

    They are both relatively new to the comp scene in TF2CSA and they have both shown a fantastic improvement in playing pickups, mixes and clannies. I wish them all the best for the finals this evening, it’s going to be great! 😀

    1. Thanks Alien, good luck to you guys too.

  5. Good Luck to both couples ; )

  6. good luck to all,im sure its gonna be a tough,fight with neithe rteam backing down

  7. GLHVMF 😀
    Lekker JACO!!!

  8. I think i’m younger than alien, but anyway good luck to everyone in the comp and have a good one.

  9. cant decides who i want to win, Brad and tristan are like my best tf2 friends, on the other hand so is pacifist and wasabi. -.-

  10. Lol Tim 🙂 Well played to Jaco and Andrew! Great pair of oaks. They played very well and gave Alien and I some very hairy moments 😛 Thanx to Lolita for organising the comp and to Tris for being an average pocket 😉

  11. As Bradley said, Lol Tim 🙂

    Well played Andrew and Jaco a great final. I’m sure you will be winning these types of comps in the future. There were a few hairy moments in the final, but OH NO! managed to pull through!

    Also well played to everyone who participated in this comp. I really had a great time. Thanks to all the spectators and the two awesome Shoutcasters for the final.

    I really valued Bradley’s support and teamwork throughout the comp. I think this is a great comp format and would love to play in future events.

    Especially thanks to Lola and Lolita.

  12. Great pleasure and great thanx to all the participants and supporters! Much of <3 and will be bringing more of this for sure!

  13. I just want to say well played to Tristan and Bradley they deserved to win this cup.

    Although we couldn’t provide the final we had hoped for.

    Big shout-out to Andrew who stood by my side in the cup even though he was going through a rough time.

    Big props to the organizers who made the cup possible I loved the change of pace.

    To Tristan I hope there is going to be a next one so that we can get revenge 🙂

  14. I always thought Alien was this


    young… see what I did there ?

  15. Thanks Jaco for a great set of games from start to finish. A very well deserved win Tristan and Brad. Also a big thank you to everyone who has ever helped me at medic, particularly the players from Phd, Naked (that means you too Silencer and Alien) and Carnage. To, the guys we played that didn’t make it through to the finals, you all played well and have a great deal of skill and potential, if you hone that you’ll be giving us a run for our money soon.

    Finally, thanks to Lolita and Lola for the effort you put into this. This community would have died long ago without you keeping things intersting for us.

  16. ty all 🙂

    I loved what Lolita said in the shoutcasting abt Synergy, there were moments when you got it perfect. I’m sure that with more exposure to these type of comps you will give us that final. Keep it up!

    The last word from me has to go to Pacifist, ty for playing till the end, you are an amazing sportsman and a gentleman.


  17. 😛 Well done Jaco and Andrew.

  18. 😛 Well done Jaco and Andrew, also wp to Bradzzz and Tristan.

  19. Congrats OH NO! and all thanks to all teams that took part in the comp 🙂 hopefully more peeps will register for Ultiduo series.

    1. no u

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