This site has been created to provide information and to grow the TF2 Community of South Africa. With the help of the competitive players that would like to see TF2 been successful on the competitive scene and believe that is possible to revitalize it.

The members of this site will help creating, sharing and giving the required information for new players who are looking to improve their skills and are willing to get into the competitive side of TF2 to show them that it’s also fun to get into pickups, clannies and tournaments. And the results will be seen getting a better balance on skill levels between the whole community making it more enjoyable and competitive at the same time.

Though it may take some time to notice any improvement from the new guys, it is also needed some sort of  stability from the well known players to stay together and build up a good amount of quality clans. And with some commitment will achieve a better future for the TF2CSA.