TF2CSA Cup v3 Teams

The registrations for the upcoming Cup v3 will be closing tomorrow and so far we got 10 teams registered with 5 on each division check out the teams and their rosters:

TF2CSA 2011 Events Schedule


Events Scheduled for 2011: January: TF2CSA Cup v3 (Registrations Open until 14th January – Kickoff 16th January) January: Snipers 1vs1 (Registrations Open until 14th January – Kickoff 16th January) March: TF2CSA 6v6 v3 (R8000 worth of prizes) May: TF2CSA Cup or Highlander Cup June: TF2CSA 6v6 v4 (Prizes Guaranteed) Amount TBA. September to December: There …

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TF2CSA Cup v2 Update

The group stage of the TF2CSA Cup v2 “Custom Maps” it’s  sorted and we already have the finalists from Alpha  and Beta group to play next Sunday on BO3 Best Of 3 Maps. This Cup played on custom maps where most of the teams did not have much experience on them made an interesting tournament …

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