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Jan 08 2013

TF2CSA Update for January 2013

Hey everyone. Happy New Year, glad to see you all survived the end of the world. I thought I’d just give an update to everyone on what’s happening in the competitive scene, for anyone interested. Basically, our scene is struggling at the moment, however the mixes over this festive season have been quite frequent. A …

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Aug 22 2009

Valve Working Hard on TF2


The guys at Valve have been working hard on the development of new maps, different layouts and game modes with the help of some experienced and new players. You can have a look at the full history of “behind the scenes” video clips on how they develop the maps, some community requested wallpapers and other …

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Aug 14 2009

TF2 Update Final Day


The final day of the “classless” TF2  update will include an already well known map by the competitive community “CP_Yukon”, this map has already been played competitively on some of the overseas top TF2 leagues and competitions. And the other map included on the this final update is the  multi purpose “Sawmill” map which has …

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Aug 13 2009

TF2 Update Day 2

Huh! Is it falling snow on that new TF2 map? Yes it is… The new map has been designed to bring in a new game mode (KotH) wtf is that? it means “King of the Hill”, that sounds interesting. The name of the new map is KotH_Viaduct and seems like we’ll have some fun to …

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