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May 08 2014

6v6 Winter Cup 2014

There’s a new reason for you to be delirious with happiness, fellow fanatical citizen of TF2 land! Brought to you by your friendly local benevolent overlords at TF2CSA and MWEB Gamezone, the 6v6 Cup is back and it’s bigger and better than…well than anything – literally ever! We promised we would do it again and …

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Mar 21 2014

Autumn 2014 – One Night Cup

It’s One Night Cup time! TF2CSA and Gamezone are proud to announce the Autumn One Night Cup for 6v6 TF2.

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Feb 09 2014

January 6v6 highlights

Joe Moer has posted two new competitive highlight videos for January. All frags from 6v6 matches in South Africa

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Sep 03 2013

TF2 2013 Spring Ladder

The ladder is now live! The TF2CSA & GameZone Spring 6v6 Ladder is now live! The goal is to encourage more people to play 6v6 TF2. Participating rather than winning is the goal of this ladder/league. The success of this ladder my lead to future competitions / ladders attracting prizes and sponsorships. Share the love and spread …

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Feb 08 2013

TF2CSA Weekly League Details and Rules

This post was written by Blazed, and purely posted here by Zoidberg. TF2CSA Weekly League Details and Rules TF2CSA is bringing the competitive South African TF2 community a weekly league! With how we’ve seen the league style tournament explode the Dota2 community here in SA (70+ teams registered for the last DGL), we have high …

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