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Dec 12 2011

R@pe Takes the 16Bit X-Mas Invitational

The 16Bit X-Mas Invitational finals were held on Sunday the 11th of December from which R@pe walked away  as the ultimate victors. After what seemed to be an action packed competition, there were many signs of progress and growth in the local teams. The 16Bit X-Mas Invitational had many surprises and saw teams really pushing the …

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Oct 20 2011

Highlander v2 Kick’s Off

The TF2CSA Highlander v2 edition is ready to go with 8 teams registered and some interesting teams have come up and seems like it will be very challenging for all the players to show their pub hero skills and teamwork for 9v9 gameplay. Let’s have a look at the teams registered for the competition:

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Oct 10 2011

Vintage & Legion take the Face-Off Challenge Cup

Last night’s 16bit TF Face-Off Challenge Cup saw Vintage taking the win at the Pro bracket finals vs Masters and at the Novice bracket Legion cruised to victory vs CyB.

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Oct 06 2011

16Bit TF Face-Off Challenge Teams & Seedings

This upcoming Sunday TF2 competitive is back to action as the 16Bit TF Face-Off Challenge competition will kick off at 7:00pm with 8 teams registered and will be seeded on 2 separate brackets with 4 teams on each.

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Aug 20 2011

Week Plus Tournament Goes Live

**Updated** The Week Plus 6v6 tournament will kick off this Sunday 21st with 3 divisions of 4 teams each making a total of 12 teams to take action. All the divisions seem quite balanced and hopefully we will see some great matches. Check them out: **Teams must play at least 1 match today and the …

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