Feb 08 2012

“Frags & Affection” Ultiduo Details

The entries for the 16BIT TF “Frags & Affection” Ultiduo have closed and secured an impressive 12 teams for the competition. To catch up or recap on the tournament  general rules, check out this link. Due to the amount of teams that have entered and the time it will take to play the matches, the tournament will be run over Saturday as well as Sunday Night. Elimination round, Prelims and Semi’s will be held on Saturday night and Finals on Sunday night.

The teams are as follows:

All Night: Christopher “Turkish” Smithard – Soldier

Han “Delight” Cilliers – Medic

Synergy: Jaco “Wasabi” Swanepoel – Soldier

Andrew “PaciF1ST” Bevis – Medic

tollewaans Jag: Izak “jaguarkid” Bekker – Soldier

Thys “tollewaan” Snyman – Medic

wambam: Richard “xolox” Tyrrell – Soldier

Antonio “skiba” Cosentino – Medic

TP: Yogan “FiSH” Murugan – Soldier

David “Cornholio” Gooden – Medic

OP: Louw “Acrobat” Cilliers – Soldier

Hennie “Frozen” Verwey – Medic

CapHat: Arne “Bl1nd” Schreuder – Soldier

Sergei “Goldenpantsman” Pringiers – Medic

Kwagga: Tristan “Ultixorz” Parris – Soldier

Anthony “Zephon” Berinato – Medic

Team Rocket: Jonty “Little-Mermaid” Triton – Soldier

Leandro “GoMz” Gomes – Medic

Some teams have not assigned names to themselves, and will receive generic names. Teams are welcome to update team names on this thread before Saturday.

  • Ulti 1: Dean “Judo:D” Lotter – Soldier
    Matthew “bÆstly” Cherry – Medic
  • Ulti 2: Jacques “¼” Schutte – Soldier
    Kevin “stiXz_” Gouws – Medic
  • Ulti 3: David “Machaven” Olivier – Soldier
    Tim “Shawshaw” Forshaw – Medic

Seedings/Match Ups

Teams will be matched up in a random pick manner. All Soldiers will join the following server at 17:45 pm on Saturday: 16BIT TF2 Ultiduo I Medics may join if Soldiers are unavailable. Each team will be assigned a number known only by the admin. Players will be given a chance to pick a number and the team that number has been assigned to will be their opponents.

This method will be applied to Round 1 (Eliminations) only; a template will be applied to rounds after that.

Seeding Template

Round Formats

Round 1 (12 teams): Eliminations will be held across six servers in a single elimination format.

Round 2: (6 teams) Prelims will be held across three servers in a single elimination format.

Round 3 (3 teams): Semi-Finals will be held in a round robin format (also single elimination). This method has been chosen as a result of the number of teams to decide which two teams will play in the finals. The format is as follows:

Phase 1:  Team 1 vs. Team 2

Phase 2: Team 1 vs. Team 3

Phase 3: Team 2 vs. Team 3

Each team will be assigned one point per win and the two teams with the most points will progress to the finals.

Round Durations:

Round 1: 18:00 – 19:00

Round 2: 19:00 – 20:00

Round 3: 20:00 – 22:15

The finals will be held on Sunday at 19:00.

Server IP’s

This post will be updated with the IP’s as soon as possible.

Map Selection

Map selection will be done by an elimination process, the two teams will enter into a gentleman’s agreement as to who get’s to go first. A team will eliminate one map from the map pool that they don’t want to play and then the opposing team. This process will carry on until there is only one map left. The map left is the map played. FiSH will be doing server admin, so players are to send him a personal message on steam as to their decided map. FiSH will then change the server to said map. Make sure that you have added him on steam if you don’t have him before the competition starts.


The finals of the “Frags & Affection” Ultiduo will be shoutcasted by none other than Lazar “Comedian” Jovic from VanillaTV and John “Agro” Irwin from KritzKast. They will also be joined by 16Bit TF founder Yolanda “Lolita” Green.

The shoutcasting will take place on the following Mumble server: mumble.vanillatv.org: 64738

Game servers provided by Internet Solutions, check out IS Gaming.

Important Notice

Rules for koth_ultiduo_r_b7 differ to the other KOTH maps. Please remember to dowload this map and to allocate it to your tf maps folder. Should you need help talk to Lola or FISH.

The capture point will immediately be available, players will spawn instantly after death and there are no health packs. Map time limit is 30 minutes and cap run down time 5 minutes. The winner is determined by first team to points difference of 5 or most caps in 30 minutes.


Results may be posted on this thread.

This competition is experimental. 16Bit TF will adjust aspects of it as needed to optomise the experience for every one. All complaints, suggestions and queries must be emailed to 16bittf@gmail.com or directed at admins present in the IRC channel #16bittf on #shadowfire. Alternatively players can post on the FaceBook group wall or on the Steam group wall. Players who enter the competition agree to the possibility of  changes and improvements as well as the rules.


Server IP’s

Servers will be assigned to teams to play on:

Round 1:

Group A: -IS- 16BIT TF ULTIDUO I – IP:Port –  Password: tf2csa
Group B: -IS- 16BIT TF ULTIDUO II – IP:Port – Password: tf2csa
Group C: -IS- 16BIT TF ULTIDUO III – IP:Port – Password: tf2csa
Group D: -IS- 16BIT TF ULTIDUO IV – IP:Port – Password: games
Group E: -IS- 16BIT TF ULTIDUO V – IP:Port – Password: games
Group F: -IS- 16BIT TF ULTIDUO VI – IP:Port – Password: tf2csa

Servers I-III will be used for round 2 and -IS- 16BIT TF ULTIDUO I for the semi’s and finals.

Source TV:

Gamers can connect to for the finals by typing in connect and the IP into their game console.


Join us for the finals tomorrow at 7pm between OH NO! and Synergy :D


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  1. Lola

    Unfortunatly Team wambam with Richard “xolox” Tyrrell and Antonio “skiba” Cosentino pulled out. Skiba’s internet died (again?) and Xolox has a pole dance to attend.

    This is the team that stepped in to replace them:
    Team Name: OH NO!
    Tristan “alien” Green – Soldier
    Bradley “Silencer” Robinson

  2. jeffreydav

    The generic names should just be ” / ”

    I will be speccing. Looking forward to the casting from Comedian and Agro.

    1. jeffreydav

      WordPress ate my angle brackets :/ It’s supposed to say [name of soldier] / [name of medic]

  3. Razerfox

    Good stuff peeps :) let’s place some bets! Turkish & Lola for da win?

    Also someone check Fish (use breathalyzer) :P

    1. Lola


      1. Turkish

        Yeah, Tannie said we should choose that name because it reminds her of the first time she came to PTA.

        1. Lola


    2. FiSH

      I will be legless at this time on a Saturday.

  4. GoMz

    me ” GoMz” nd Jonty ” Little Mermaid ” we gnna call our selves team rocket :D :P

  5. UltiXorz


    Was really amped for this.
    But i cant just change my plans and suddenly be able to play on Saturday :/

    Zephon is going to be getting a replacement for me since the decision was made to run the comp over Saturday as well


    1. Lola

      Really sorry abt that dude.

    2. Lolita

      Apologies UltiXorz, unfortunately we don’t really have a choice, the number of teams that entered makes it difficult to be held in one night >.< 16 teams would have been ideal, but we have to make do with 12 :P

      1. UltiXorz

        No worries Lola/Lolita

        Thats just how the cookie crumbles.
        I’ll be entering the next one no questions :D

  6. Lola

    To all the peeps who’ve been asking to still enter. We wouldve loved to, but the format is done for this cup. 16Bit will host more comps, be sure to enter in time for the March cup.

    GL & HF to all the teams :D

    1. Razerfox

      I’ll enter for 1v1 sniper and 1v1 scout alrightz ;)

  7. Fair

    Going to be one long cup.

  8. Little-Mermaid

    Gomz unfortunately has prior engagements, seeing as it was originally meant for Sunday :( I’ve asked my brother to stand in “Teh Nines Fortastics” if that’s allowed.

    1. Lola

      Thats nps dude, ty for finding some1. I gave Gomz the link to this article soon as it went up…

  9. Lolita


    Group A – All Night vs synergy: -IS- 16BIT TF ULTIDUO I – IP:Port – Password: tf2csa

    Group B – tollewaans jag vs caphat: -IS- 16BIT TF ULTIDUO II – IP:Port – Password: tf2csa

    Group C – OH NO! vs op: -IS- 16BIT TF ULTIDUO III – IP:Port – Password: tf2csa

    Group D – TP vs Kwagga: -IS- 16BIT TF ULTIDUO IV – IP:Port – Password: games

    Group E – Team Rocket vs Ulti 1: -IS- 16BIT TF ULTIDUO V – IP:Port – Password: games

    Group F – Ulti 2 vs Ulti 3: -IS- 16BIT TF ULTIDUO VI – IP:Port – Password: tf2csa

  10. Little-Mermaid

    Our opponents never showed. Time now is 18:26. Doens’t look like they’ll show either…

    1. Lolita

      In that case they will forfeit and you go through to the next round :>

  11. Lola

    Synergy beats All Night 3/0 well played and such gentleman. See you next Ultiduo

  12. acrobat

    O-NO beats OP 3/0

    Well played Alien & Silencer.

    A note for next competition – let the loosing team slug it out as well! That way it doesn’t end so quickly for the rest.

  13. alien

    Team OH NO! beat Team OP 3 – 0. Well played to Acrobat and Frozen!

  14. Turkish

    Thoroughly enjoyed it. Might work better in a round-robin or league format though.

    I want more!

    PS. I didnt rage quit, Lola said we must leave after round 2 :<

    1. Lolita

      Good to know you enjoyed it, we’ll certainly look into bringing more Ulti to the community ^_^

    2. Lola


  15. thys

    tollewaans jag beat team caphat 3-0 well played guys

  16. stiXz_

    Ulti 2(1/4 and stiXz) won Ulti3(machaven and shawshaw) 3 3/0

  17. alien

    Team OH NO! beat Team TP 3 – 0. Well played to Fish and Cornholio!

  18. Lola

    TP beat Kwagga 3/1
    OH NO beat TP 3/0

  19. Lolita


    Team 1: Synergy
    Team 2: OH NO
    Team 3: Ulti 2

    Good luck guys :D

  20. stiXz_

    Ulti 2 won 3-1 VS Rocket

  21. PaciF1ST

    Synergy beat tollewaans Jag 3/0

    1. jaguarkid

      LIES!!!! :P good game guys!

  22. PaciF1ST

    OH NO beat Synergy 3/1

  23. alien

    Team OH NO! beat Team snrG 3 – 1. Well Played to Jaco and Andrew!

  24. alien

    Team OH NO! beat Team Ulti-2 3 – 0. Well played 1/4 and Stixz!

  25. PaciF1ST

    Synergy beat Ulti 2 2-1

  26. Lola

    Finals tonight at 7pm between OH NO! and Synergy.

    Comedian from VanillaTF2, Agro from KritzKast and Lolita from 16bittf will be shoutcasting the match.

    Specs can join SourceTV by typing connect into console.
    To tune in for the shoutcasting, connect to VanillaTF2′s Mumble server
    Details: mumble.vanillatv.org: 64738

    Good luck to the teams!

  27. Razerfox

    So disappointing… Turkish falied me :( Iost my bets…

    Well done to the finalists good luck peeps!

    1. Lola

      mebbe he was distracted by ‘All Night ` Delight’…;)

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