Jun 18 2010

Better 6v6 From The People!

As many of you reading this will have seen in the previous post on Week 1 Match Day 1 As it happened, Razerfox and a few other Comp TF2 players are going to be setting up a sort of “how to improve your competitive team fortress 2 gameplay and be a better team player and get better at your class” *gasp* guide.

To speed this process along we’ve decided that one of the best places to gather information and tips/tricks is from the people you actually play with and against. If someone kills you, find out how they managed to do that before you did.

With that we are posting this Comment post where you, the South African Team Fortress 2 Competitive Community can post how you got to where you are, what inspired you, what website, video’s, training maps, training partners, strategy guides and so on you used.

So go on! Comment away!

This thread is temporary and will be removed if it is abused or once sufficient information has been gathered and the relevant posts have been made to replace it.  Site admin will remove any comment we see as irrelevant or offensive in nature.


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  1. Razerfox

    Well let me be first:

    Aim: Some useful info is already here at: http://tf2.co.za/news/aim-guide/

    I’ve learnt a lot since I’ve been playing pickups as you play together with the best players and listen & watch what they say & do.

    Scout(my class): Xt3rminator helped me to control the “scout frag hunter” gameplay that I had when I started playing for Eq’.

    But I would say that if you know how to play any class properly you can actually play better your main class as it can help on “predicting” your opponents gameplay and that can be very important in some circumstances.

  2. K1lroy

    I am not some special tf2 talent, but this video was and still is my inspiration for becoming a better soldier :

    I find the best way of actually training and becoming better in the class you want to improve is by playing mix and pickups. Here you have the opportunity to watch and learn from people like, Wir, Vomitshovel, Kaboos….you all know the big names. Even if you aren’t playing the class you want to play, just by playing with them and specking the odd kill or two, you gather some valuable info and knowledge.

    A Website that I could recommend to new players is this one : http://tf2strategy.com/

  3. Razerfox

    Good stuff K1lroy!

    Here is a huge bunch of videos and resources:

  4. K1lroy

    Sweet link there Razerfox. I saw some interesting rocket jumping techniques!
    Lols, even a pyro guide!!

  5. Deacan

    If anyone wants to learn about being a medic…Skillpig, Andy and Seamonkey are probably the best at the mo but if you wanna settle for second best I’m more than willing to give some pointers or sub in games and talk to your medic. Its a crutial position in any team a lot to the lower level teams need to work hard as a team to improve there medic as well as there team work with the medic. If you can get into pick ups try playing pubs together. Like medic, soldier and demo. Just an idea.

  6. K1lroy

    Good point you making there Deacan. Our new clan toxic has that problem. Without a medic knowing the order in which he has to heal his teammates and positions and spots he has to stand, things can get pretty difficult. Luckily we have seamonkey helping us 😀

  7. Peng

    Anyone for demo?

  8. vomitshovel

    For pure overseas pwnage, try http://www.pldx.com.
    http://www.gotfrag.com has many tf2 demos and if you look for the ones that are marked “HLTV” you can see anyones perspective, or watch 3rd person at how a PRO team pushes together.
    Remember that yes, you do get better at tf2 by just playing it over and over. BUT theory and actually TRYING to learn something more about the game every day is what truly makes you better.
    Read guides.
    Watch demo’s, i know for some people watching a demo is boring, but just pay attention to your specific class and what he does and it will improve not only the way you play the game, but the way you think about the game.
    EVERY CLAN should read this : http://tf2.co.za/news/push-guide-by-sigma/
    and EVERY PLAYER should read this : http://www.ubercharged.net/how-to-play-tf2/the-competitive-tf2-guide/

    Other than that, don’t be afraid to ask for help. SATF2 is at a point now where all the people that dislike eachother are coming together and trying to better the community as a whole, so don’t think people won’t help you. It does the top teams a WORLD of good if they can make the low tier teams better…

  9. Spike

    Just by knowing a little thing like knowing when to jump as a medic can save you countless times. Often just by jumping a rocket will go straight under you saving you from damage and having to fall back. Little things like this win matches.

  10. Spike


    Great medic gameplay video.

  11. Headshot101

    Grim, A pocket shouldnt realy jump over rockets if he’s been overhealed he should ‘eat them’ to stop the medic taking damage but if he’s low and the medic isnt, Go for it.

    When learning to play demoman , its crucial that you take into acount that every demo has his or her own style of play and each demo has diffrent strong points that they like to use to his/her advantage, I have also learnt over time that your pipe aim wont be perfect as there are few too many variables to calculate in short spaces of time always espicaly if you have a tricky little scout such as cheeseofdooom hopping your midairs and making you rage a bit 😛
    But the key point too take here is that you must develope your own techniques and strategies, you can learn alot from other players but its not a good idea to copy everything from a specific demo.

    NB!! Situational awareness is EXTREMELY important, when to spam , when to jump and even when to reload.

  12. Headshot101

    lol k : )

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