Aug 20 2011

Week Plus Tournament Goes Live


The Week Plus 6v6 tournament will kick off this Sunday 21st with 3 divisions of 4 teams each making a total of 12 teams to take action. All the divisions seem quite balanced and hopefully we will see some great matches.

Check them out:

**Teams must play at least 1 match today and the others can be played during the week**

**Teams will have to organize their matches (opponent & time)**

[table id=129 /]

** Div1 teams will be using Match Severs I & II**

[table id=130 /]

** Div2 teams will be using Match Severs III & IV**

[table id=131 /]

** Div3 teams will be using Match Severs V & VI**

**Note Division 3 will be playing standard maps only and therefore the maps have been assigned to the fixtures**

Please make sure to post your results hereWeek Plus Results & Standings

After all the group stage matches have been played the Top2 teams will play at the finals BO3 (Best of 3 Maps)

[table id=132 /]

For more information on how the tournament works: Week Plus Info

**Div1 and Div2 players make sure you have the non-standardmaps  Gullywash_Pro  –  Snakewater_Rc3**

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Week Plus Tournament Winners

Division 3 finals saw TJO beating CyB on 2 maps Freight 3-1 Badlands 6-1 to remain unbeaten on the tournament, their performance was quite solid and perhaps we might see them moving up a division and see how they perform vs Div2 teams.

TJO capt Mojo:

I would like to thank our team and the organisers, it was really an enjoyable competition- good tournement to try new things. I’d also like to thank the teams that played for their dedication.Was alot of fun and hope to do it again, I would like to see more new blood from pubs. DRINK EN JOL LAAT DIE KARRE ROL!!! peace 😀

At the Division 2 finals Fags faced Naked and also won on 2 maps but their 1st map a back and forth death-match that lasted 25 minutes for Fags to take a 1-0 lead and win the map Snakewater. The second map Freight did not go that well for Naked as they could not sync their gameplay when they got some momentum but it was Fags that managed to take advantage of their mistakes to get a 5-0 win.

Fags capt Heckers:

Thanks to the organizers for a fun little competition, short and sweet. The separate divs was a good idea and i believe it produced some nice close games.

I would also like to thank my team, and seamonkey who helped us out, well played guys and gal. I really enjoy playing with friends in a nice chilled enviroment where there is no raging and a joke every now and then.

Masters were the lonely winners of Division 1 after they beat both their opponents on group stage Sv+ 7-2 5-0 and Vintage 5-0 5-0. Finals did not take place as both Sv+ and Vintage had some issues that could not be sorted.


Congratulations to the winners!

**Thanks to everyone that made the effort to play on this competition with such a short notice**


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  1. Tyelanderlulz

    Is there going to be a ping limit tonight?

  2. Tyelanderlulz

    On the servers*

  3. Razerfox

    I would appreciate if teams could post here their match times so that I can update the Match Ticker.

  4. Arn3

    Really appreciate the changes ito divisions and the length of the tournament. Just makes it sooooo much better. Cant wait to spec some of the legends XD

  5. Zephon

    pcZ vs Cyb at 7:00pm

  6. Razerfox

    One Nighters Cup will still happen mate but I’m sure Lolita has great plans for it to accommodate more skill levels.

  7. Heckers

    Why was the comp structure changed?
    This has really messed things up.
    None of the other teams in my group can/want to play today.
    So now we have to organize 3 games during this week, not sure if this will be possible.

  8. Zephon

    pcZ vs Cyb

    Freight CyB 6 – 1 pcZ
    Granary CyB 6 – 1 pcZ

    CyB take all the cake…hope they will share

  9. Zephon

    pcZ vs TJO

    Badlands TJO 6 – 2 pcZ
    Freight 4 – 3 pcZ

    wp to TJO

  10. FiSH

    nKd vs KKNP

    Granary KKNP – 0 nKd – 5
    Freight nKd 2 – KKNP – 1

    nKd win.

    Well played KKNP

  11. Heckers

    Match schedules

    Fags vs Naked – Thursday 8pm
    Fags vs Osef – Thursday 9pm
    Fags vs KKNP – Sunday 5pm

  12. FiSH

    Naked vs Fags Thursday 8pm
    Naked vs OSEF Sunday 6pm

  13. Razerfox

    Thanks for the big effort guys. :)

  14. Lola

    pcZ vs UFO on Sunday at 7pm

  15. Lola

    CyB vs UFo Sat 7pm

  16. Lola

    TJO vs UFO Thursday 7pm

  17. Razerfox

    Div2 Finals

    Fags vs Naked Stv

    Div3 Finals

    TJO vs CyB Stv

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