Oct 06 2011

16Bit TF Face-Off Challenge Teams & Seedings

This upcoming Sunday TF2 competitive is back to action as the 16Bit TF Face-Off Challenge competition will kick off at 7:00pm with 8 teams registered and will be seeded on 2 separate brackets with 4 teams on each.

Teams participating:

Pro Bracket:


  • Yasser “X” Padia  *Capt
  • Brandon “deacan” Shaw
  • Josh “Whisp” Blowmeyer
  • Stefano “Fair” Clarence
  • Nico “Kung Fu” van De Merwe
  • Han “Lola” Cilliers


Fight Against General Stupidity

  • Danie “Heckers” Nell *Capt
  • Chuck “(E)lapid” Steak
  • Lungisani “Space” Malungani
  • Cody “ceen” Morgan
  • Ryan “קeanuts” O’Flaherty
  • Anton “Pooman_Sam” Brits


  • Marc ‘‘Surge” Du Plessis *Capt
  • Stelio ”Warhammy” Da Silva
  • Byron ”Goldfox” Emslie
  • Nico ”Skillpig” Fouche
  • Paul ”Turbz” Van de Haar
  • Christian ”Razerfox” Da Silva


  • Yogan ‘Yaeger’ Murugan *Capt
  • Bradley ”Silencer” Robinson
  • Francois ‘Anti’ Theart
  • Jean ‘Soliton’ Hartman
  • Tristan ”Alien” Green
  • Andrew “Pacifist” Bevis


 **Report your match results over here: 16Bit TF Match**

Novice Bracket: 


  • Connor ‘Stratis‘ Macdougal
  • Michael ‘Jeff’ Davies
  • Dylan ‘Xombie‘ Buck
  • Andrew ‘Renegade‘ Cilliers
  • Azer “rezal” van Zyl


  • Anthony “Zephon” Berinato
  • Arne “Bl1nd” Schreuder
  • Ruan “Phenix” Vosloo
  • Luke “Inhuman” Finkelstein
  • Chad “Point_Blank” Santer
  • Sergei “Goldenpantsman” Pringiers
  • Reserves: Peter “Peng” Wang and Alan “Nadz” Shepherd
  • Sub: Tristan “Ultixorz” Parris


  • Kyle ‘Sakred‘ Wessons *Capt
  • Justin ‘Slick_‘ Fensham
  • Luke ‘Lux‘ Stevenson
  • Linda ‘Seamonkey’ Wessels
  • Luke ‘Skywalker‘ Das Neves
  • Tim ‘LeGacyy‘ Tyrrell


  • Micheal ‘Gimlief‘ Owen *Capt
  • Sean ‘FreaKing‘ Jonker
  • Alex ‘Deformiter‘ Amos
  • Kieran ‘Lycan‘ Webb
  • Croix “inglorious” Frick
  • Tyrone “Fishzilla” van Herdan

 **Report your match results over here: 16Bit TF Match**

Server allocations:

  • Vintage vs. Fags   Server: – IS – TF2 Alpha
  • Master vs. nKd       Server: -IS – TF2 Beta
  • CyB vs. PcZ               Server:  -IS- TF2 Gamma
  • LgN vs. Prime         Server: -IS – TF2 Delta

Note:  (password is: tf2csa)




The finals at 21:00 will be shoutcasted by vanillatf2.org.


IP: ts.isgaming.co.za

Channel: TF2 Shoutcast

SourceTV: details will be released early on Sunday afternoon (check again on this page)


Time to play some TF2 people! Good luck and have fun!

**Weapons & Unlocks allowed**

  • Scout – Bonk
  • Soldier – Equalizer
  • Demo – Paintrain
  • Medic – All except vitasaw & Amputator
  • Pyro – Flare Gun
  • Heavy – Sandvich
  • Spy – Cloack & Dagger
  • Engi – Gunslinger
  • Sniper – Jarate

Note: Paintrain can be used for Demoman only not for the Soldier

**Make sure your team mates have the maps that are not standard please: cp_snakewater_rc5 and cp_gullywash_pro**


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  1. Lolita

    I’m so excited! good luck to all the teams ^_^

    remember, if you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to post them :)

  2. Lola

    Looks great , ty Lolita

    gl to all the teams, and a special thanks to the new clans that entered, hope you have a great time.

  3. Heckers

    We have Alecto in our team, also Peanuts arent with us anymore :(.
    But this has been like that since the last comp.

  4. FiSH

    Sweeet :) GLHF

  5. Goldfox

    Only 8 teams? :<

    1. Razerfox

      Yeh boet this Cup style tournament has only 8 for now but we could have 3 brackets x 4 teams to make 12 and hopefully one day even 16 teams.

  6. SaKreD

    Looks great! good luck to all the teams :)
    Amped to shoutcast!

  7. rezal

    Yeah – we don’t want the riff raff to join in on the comp – oh wait, I am playing :)
    Looking forward to this competition!

  8. Razerfox

    Time to jam TF2!!!

  9. Zephon


    and I am sure its ment to be “Cloak and Dagger”….
    but Naziness aside, this tourney will be win!!!

    1. Razerfox

      :) shot man fixed.

  10. Lola

    Changes in PRIME: add Acidman

  11. SaKreD

    Changes to Legion, instead of Legacy, _enemy or kaboos

  12. Lolita

    Good Luck for round 2 guys :>

    Rankings will be posted early this week ^_^

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