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Feb 09 2014

January 6v6 highlights

Joe Moer has posted two new competitive highlight videos for January. All frags from 6v6 matches in South Africa

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Dec 28 2013

TF2 – Then and Now

  TF2 – Then and Now

Sep 19 2013

-IS- TF2 MGE Server goes LIVE

-IS- TF2 MGE Server goes LIVE with STATS!   Server Address: Stats Address:  

Sep 15 2013

Off the Ark: A letter from Rubilac

This is a post more important to the guys (and girls) who are new to competitive, but for those who like to think of themselves as more experienced I think it’s good to remind ourselves too. It is a message from Rubilac during his time at Eq, from about 4-5 years ago. He was on …

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Sep 14 2013

Custom Maps: September 2013 Update

So there are more maps that have been added to the servers lately, after being added to international map cycles or custom servers, so I thought I’d update the list of maps available for download.

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