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Jun 05 2013

6-v-6 Competitive TF2 Map Poll Results – June


The 6v6 June Map Poll Results Granary (cp_granary) Gullywash (cp_gullywash_final1) Badlands (cp_badlands) Freight (cp_freight_final1) Process (cp_process_rc3)

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May 20 2013

6-v-6 Competitive TF2 Map Poll and Vote

We want you… To give us your opinion Below is a list of competitive TF2 maps. Some of which we have played, know and love. Some we have never played and some are old favourites, needing a dust off. Take a look through and post your top 5 maps in the comments. We’ll run this …

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Feb 08 2013

TF2CSA Weekly League Details and Rules

This post was written by Blazed, and purely posted here by Zoidberg. TF2CSA Weekly League Details and Rules TF2CSA is bringing the competitive South African TF2 community a weekly league! With how we’ve seen the league style tournament explode the Dota2 community here in SA (70+ teams registered for the last DGL), we have high …

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Feb 28 2012

KritzKast Lo-Fi Offclass Cup (KLOC)

After a successful Ultiduo this month 16Bit TF are now aiming to bring the KritzKast Lo-Fi Offclass Cup to our local community. This tournament has been hosted with incredible results abroad and holds promise of great fun and awesome hats. What is the Lo-Fi Offclass Cup? The Lo-Fi Offclass Cup is a 6v6 cup where …

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Feb 17 2012

Frags & Affection Shoutcasting

The 16Bit TF “Frags & Affection” Ultiduo finals have been uploaded and ready to watch! Shoutcasted by Lazar “Comedian” Jovic, John “Agro” Irwin and accompanied by Yolanda “Lolita” Green, this competition kicked off 2012 with a bang for South African Fortress . Check out the finals below: Round 1: Badlands VanillaTV [id:64124] Archive… Round 2: …

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